7 Reason Why People Get Divorced

why people get divorced

Family is the basic unit of society, marriage and family harmony is an important part of social harmony. In recent years, modern people’s expectations for the quality of married life have risen, and the divorce rate has risen every year, casting a shadow over the happy marriage and family life. As a staff member who has been in charge of marriage registration for many years, the reasons for the rise of divorce rate are analyzed from the perspective of the individual and the society, and put forward a crude viewpoint.


1,The environment changed, and the idea changed

In the past, the marriage was based on “production”, and divorce was seen as a moral stain and a defect. Divorce cases are rare.

The modern marriage quality expectations is much higher than their, once married life reality and ideal expectations before marriage produce irreconcilable contradictions, the divorce is inevitable choice. The situation is mainly focused on young people. On the other hand, due to the modern pursuit of sexual liberation, unmarried pregnancy, blind marriage, hasty marriage easily resulting in a decline in the quality of marriage, divorce planted hidden danger for the future.

In addition to the changes in the foundation for marriage, the fact is that the high divorce rate among young people is just following the trend of history. Outside experience has shown that the social effects of urbanization and industrialization are the increase in divorce rates.


2, Parents are helping to push the hand.

Reporter survey found that 85 of the court decision after divorce, the vast majority have marriage with his shadow, parents as a specific “third party” come, make small originally can solve the contradiction between husband and wife become complicated.


3, Marriage is a learned “baby” without a teacher

Growth in the domestic young people often is in the awkward position on marriage, on the one hand, due to reasons such as “puppy love” the emotion experience, on the other hand, the lack of guidance on managing marriage. What is even more frightening is that parents’ role in it is “to add insult to injury

Couples to withstand the colorful world of temptation, lead to an affair, not the man to is a woman “cheating”, and makes the contradiction in domestic for a family without the basis of feeling can break the marriage and family in a rapid speed.


4,The most liberal countries in the world: the cost of divorce is “a little low”

A divorce registration office staff said that although divorce rate raised, the procedure is simple, but everyone’s attitude toward marriage might be more hasty, to some extent week marriage, marriage, half a year in January, now is not the individual.

Family is life harbour, stable families are using feelings as the cornerstone of marriage, with mutual trust, understanding and tolerance as ties of marriage, make the color of the marriage with common interests, hobbies, make marriage with responsibility and loyalty of levee, construct a perfect family, is the marriage of the evergreen tree. The lack of mutual trust and communication, the inability to understand and tolerate each other, even when remarried, is equally heavy. Moreover, to standardize the marriage registration, marriage registration to a nationwide network, to divorce mediation, examination and approval of the parties to give more time, to avoid hasty marriage and divorce blindly.


5, Dollars and cents

 Studies indicate that money is one of the most important reason of stress in marriage relationships and cause the result of divorce, so it can be one of the main reason for your marriage problem. Couples es may argue over in income or spending.


6, Not loyal to each other

Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal of trust, although some spouses are more powerful than ever, but others are unable to regain the trust they need to regain their working relationships. When a couple creates suspicion and distrust, it is also the cause of divorce.


7, The sex drive doesn’t match

Intimate relationships should not be discounted. Low libido doesn’t necessarily mean bad luck for marriage, but for the sake of working relationships, couples must have a matching sexual urge. If you can’t meet the requirements, the relationship between the couple will grow cold and distant, and the impact on your relationship will be enormous.