How To Fix A Broken Marriage Problem – Marriage Counseling


When the marital relationship is no longer as close as before, the conflict will arise, and even to the point of marriage breakdown. So, how to resolve the crisis in marriage?


The reasons of marital crisis or marriage problem:

1, A history of extramarital affairs.

The main reason Causing red marriage breakdown of marriage, is that one or both spouses have extramarital sex outside marriage history or the history of the party, let emotion seriously hurt, cause its spirit is very painful, has become the biggest killer of couples, nearly 50% couples because of an extramarital affair and divorce.

2, The character of the couple is very different.

A lot of couples have marriage problem or facing a marital crisis because they only  see each other’s advantages before marriage, and after marriage, tehy found each other’s disadvantage and their personalities, if one party is very outgoing, and the other is introverted; one is too dependent on each other, and the other is the independent character; a party is too picky, and the other is to suffer in silence, apart from the couple character gap, long life together, will feel very unfortunate marriage, marriage problems.

3, Lack of communication between husband and wife.

To make a marriage that has been “fresh”, on the one hand, it is important to be diligent in communication between husband and wife, the couple through carefully listen to each other, the perception of each other and understand each other, only to do a full range of communication, in order to enable the two sides as intimacy and harmony as before. We often encounter some couples in their daily lives, poor communication, leading to feelings gradually fade, and even make the emotional barriers, resulting in the breakdown of marriage.

How to fix a broken marriage problem

1, Be honest.

When the marriage is about to reach the crisis point, especially between husband and wife, the man should take the initiative and the spouse often candid thoughts and feelings and other aspects of the exchange and communication, the pain on the job is not satisfactory, life’s twists and turns, the heart itself for a long time, completely Frank, to his sweetheart about it, let them know your personality change, your temper, your sorrow is not because she (he) and for other external reasons, in order to eliminate the doubts that between husband and wife.

2, Avoid accusations.

In many divorce cases, many couples have feelings still exist, but most of the time, because it could not understand each other’s words and deeds to blame, even when friends and relatives face to accuse, make them embarrassed, so that both sides of the conflicts, the cumulative caused marital crisis. Marriage is not the original and non, no right and wrong, in the daily life of marriage and family life, the couple should see each other’s advantages, try to avoid mutual complaints, blame the other party, the conflict intensified. To the present, can not take them to vilify the faults and mistakes, so only the more hurt each other’s feelings.

3, deal with self or Self reflection.

In dealing with the crisis to avoid the feelings of the couple, let friends or family intervention, especially to prevent both parents who joined them, the family will be more or less biased in favor of their children, if one of the parents, do not distinguish between right and wrong, indiscriminately blindly accuse each other, rather than two people how to persuade to improve the relationship, it will deeply hurt each other’s feelings. Over time, can only make the gap between husband and wife more and more deep, more and more contradictions, the final result can only add fuel to the flames, accelerate the breakdown of marriage. Therefore, when the feelings of the crisis, the husband and wife to take the initiative to face, calmly deal with, seriously eliminate barriers, so that their marriage happy, happy as before.

Tips: if you feel very happy after marriage, it is a good thing. However, a lot of time, a lot of marital life and did not feel very happy, before marriage was affectionate, enenaiai, sweet lovers in the ideal setting for a couple in love, not long into the real marriage life, feelings gradually fade, crisis, or even to the point of marriage. In fact, as long as the feelings still, not the best marriage is completely changed. As long as the couple get along with focus on communication, mutual understanding of tolerance and humility, in the face of marriage crisis can become a guardian of marriage and family barriers”.