Marriage Advice: 4 Ways To Resolve Conflicts and Solve Relationship Problems

There are many conflicts in married couples, and if these conflicts are not well resolved, they are likely to lead to a marriage crisis. So you have to learn how to deal with marriage in the first place.


There are a few things you can do when your relationship is starting to get nervous:

1, Get used to each other

It’s not surprising that there’s a difference in character and taste in couples, but it’s important not to let this difference develop into the biggest obstacle for couples. So the ability to transform yourself as much as possible as early as possible as soon as possible to adapt to each other’s hobby, habit, personality, level, etc. Of course, also is not to be yourself without dignity to indulge her (him), or mean your feelings by accommodating intention. For example, the other is a man of like calligraphy and painting, yourself without painting and calligraphy, how to do? You should learn some to accompany each other and often to painting, each other can see you change for the sake of his (her), show that you care about each other care about each other. As long as the couple in step, obtained more and more common language, can enhance feelings.


2, Try to respect each other

Many couples to take the family property rights, dispute and therefore more when spat involving both the old man or relatives. According to common sense, a couple set up absolute trust and common property management is the most appropriate way. However, if the other party in money management is very comfortable, there are efficiency gains desire or desired purpose, not to let the other side to do “the finance minister.” marriage problems, as long as it’s not in principle “head” or “no” in the form of the also don’t care, this distinction no substantial meaning!


3, Give the right compliment

Anyone has advantages and disadvantages and has a director or inadequate, and in today’s couples get along easily exposed, after what happened in the home is not normal (not caused by his fault principle problem except), want to themselves LanGuo, frequent and intense accusations will obviously intensified contradiction conflict initiating lung store of internal heat. Must be good at discovery and summary of each other’s strengths and advantages in fine point, choose his own time to praise each other, this kind of sincere attitude can stimulate each other’s progress and the self-criticism. Tao is: “is correct, it have no then add to encourage”.


4, Understand and accept each other

Understanding and tolerance between husband and wife should be understood and tolerated. Tolerance can express their wide generous, have a bigger picture of magnanimous open-minded. When an argument should take the initiative to avoid rather than to escape, not in each other’s mood is not stable when stimulus provoke each other, not to mention the old debate on the matter of the fuse quarrel caused repeated. Escape is not the right thing to do, man of collusion is the mind of man is proper and decent.



Due to the tension, for a long time not to talk should be combined with the actual situation to make a conversation action, actively turn into please don’t think the initiative (even to please his beloved person, it is also worth) should fully understand each other; Communicate openly to each other to achieve mutual understanding and understanding; Don’t avoid the contradictions that are already created in reality, and escape from them will only make them think you are inconsiderate and uncaring. Do not expect to wait for the other person to take the initiative to sum, this is desirable. You respect me a ruler, I return your abbot, husband and wife also use worry to have a marriage crisis?