Marriage Problem: 6 Top Reason why Couples Fight All The Time

Marriage and family, the husband and wife get along for a long time, will inevitably encounter problems, occasionally encountered some petty squabbles, also inspired you lost his temper, even angry screaming and Shouting. Why do you always fight?


So close, do you want to yell at them? Afraid of the other person? I couldn’t figure it out. But when we fight each other, we always keep our decibel levels under control, and the result is that the arguments are often more serious… What’s going on here?

About why quarrel loudly, in fact, psychological also have a kind of thing, “she said, that is a sense of security for their people, will loudly and directly express their emotions, such as the family, we tend to be more directly express their emotions, subconsciously, that is not to leave his family, will loudly and angrily to express their discontent.


But we need to know is that when the person is angry, screaming and Shouting is not the best way to solve the problem of marriage, it will make your relationship more make more rigid. However, if you understand the skills of argument or quarrel, rather rash db to solve the problem, is also the good will of your relationship, this, is another subject!

Marriage counseling experts suggest that couples can refer to the following tips:

1, No personal attacks

When two people quarrel, they often say something that is insulting to the other person, but that’s not what you really want to do. Instead of personal attacks on your partner, you should try to solve the problem. Even if the fight is over, there will be no new marital problems.



2, not to the point

Quarrel must not to involve the other things, for example, two people clearly in the argument of is what kind of curtain, should buy to enlarging the situation to the whole decoration of the house, doing so will only make things get worse and worse, because to solve a problem than to solve a series of problems.


3, Know when to stop

If you don’t know what the argument is for, it means you’re only going to wrap around the problem or don’t know when it’s over. If you start arguing, you should try to find an acceptable outcome. If you can’t, find a compromise. This will help you achieve some kind of compromise. It’s better to draw a period of conflict in a happy way.


4, Say you’re sorry

Don’t go off in a huff just because you’ve lost the upper hand in an argument, it just makes you look bad. What can’t you say if you’re the most intimate person? When you make a mistake, tell him, “I’m wrong, I’m sorry,” that means a lot, and it will bring couples closer together.


5, Don’t make a noise in front of the children

A lot of times when people get angry, they can’t help but get angry, whether he’s in the street or the kids, the old man. Even if you think the problem is important, wait until the child is in bed or out of the room. Fighting in front of children not only scares them, but also leaves a shadow in their hearts. Also, when your child leaves, you may be flat, but it’s also a good thing to avoid the war.


6, and rest,

Quarrel, screaming and Shouting until you’re exhausted to no avail, if you’ve been entangled in the same issue, will only make things around for is still there. Stop and take a break. No rule says you have to reach an agreement at this time. Let it stay for a few hours, even until tomorrow.


When couples get along, it is inevitable that fights are inevitable, and sometimes fighting can be a way of improving the relationship. But pay attention to the rules of the fight when you fight, otherwise it will make the marriage problem more difficult. Couples should love and tolerate each other, and only those who can love can go further and longer.